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NL 3, AL 4: Ketel Marte goes 1-for-2 in Cleveland, Kershaw and Co. choke

And that’s all you really need to know!

90th MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

This year saw two Diamondbacks selected for the All Star Game. However, only one of them made the trek to Cleveland, and really, can you blame Greinke? It is Cleveland after all. Marte, however, made the most of it. Dave Roberts stuck him in the eighth spot in the line up, so he didn’t get his first at bat until the top of the third, when he left off. He did not disappoint, hitting a lead off double. It was the first ever extra base hit by a Diamondback starter in the ASG, per our Fearless Leader. He got another at bat in the top of the fifth, but struck out.

That was the end of his night. He was replaced in the bottom of the inning during a defensive switch, with Yasmany Grandal taking his place in the batting order, and Max Muncy replacing him at second base. A very solid evening for Mr. Marte in Cleveland, and I’m sure his mom is proud of him!

It was in a losing effort. I blame Clayton Kershaw. He pitched in the second, replacing NL starter Hyun-Jin Ryu. He let the AL get on the board, thanks to an RBI double from Michael Brantley, scoring Alex Bregman. That was where it started, and Walker Buehler continued it with another run given up in the fifth. So much Dodger Suck.

The NL put together a bit of a rally late, but between the two runs given up by the Dodgers wonderduo and one more each given up by Woodruff and Will Smith, the two runs the NL got in the eighth just weren’t enough. The AL wins their seventh straight All Star Game.

Huge shout out to those who came out to Seamus McCaffrey’s tonight to enjoy the Game with us. As always, it was a lot of fun, great discussion, funny stories, and Jack Sommers telling us stories from the other side of the curtain. It’s always great seeing everyone! No baseball until Friday, but stay tuned here on the Pit. I know for sure there are a couple of really cool things coming out tomorrow, so be on the look out!