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Monday Memes 7/1: Let Freedom Meme

You know, because 4th of July and all.

I just want to say how proud I am that the Diamondbacks triumphed over Dodger-evil early last week and win the series at home in Chase Field. FTD! I also want to say how disgusted I am that the D-backs could not at least win a 4 game series in S.F. against the struggling Giants. The last game of the series vs S.F. I was able to watch on a real Television. Bradley threw well, and Andriese made me wonder how he even has a job - meanwhile Sherfy whittles away in Reno. Props to Torey for coming out and getting his money’s worth after being ejected. Anyway, time to meme.

The snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win a chance to run onto the field at Chase during the next home stand.