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Arizona Diamondbacks 2019 MLB Draft Signings Tracker

Keep up to date with which draft picks the Dbacks will sign and how much money they have left in their bonus pools.

The Diamondbacks ended up taking 45 players overall in the draft, including 7 on the first night of the draft and 15 within their top 10 draft picks. The team will have until July 5th to sign as many of their draft picks as they can. Players selected in Rounds 1-10 will have their total signing bonus count towards the pool number. Players selected in Round 11 or later can sign up to $125,000 with any bonuses higher than that amount counting against the bonus pool. The Dbacks command the largest signing bonus pool by far in MLB at $16,093,700, so they’ll be able to sign pretty much their top 15 guys plus at least one HS talent they want past the 10th round.

In order to keep things up to date, I’ve made a spreadsheet that also functions as a tracker to stay up to date on any draftee the Dbacks sign and how much money they have left to spend. The team could hypothetically go up to 5% more than their allotted bonus pool without paying any severe penalties (draft pick forfeiture), although any overage is taxed at 75%.