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Monday Memes 6/3: ____ the Dodgers

From now on I see a blue sash, I heckle the man wearing it.

Having just returned from a classified mission in Southern California I have been reminded of the disgust I have for Dodger evil. There I was in deep-cover, surrounded by LAD fans, all of them looking like the Golgothan (from Dogma) in massive blue jerseys - typically with no name or custom lettering on the backs.

The Diamondbacks face an invading Dodger team and fan-base for a 3 game series beginning tonight. This Monday Memes we must roast Dodger evil. Do not hold back. Do not show mercy. FUCK THE DODGERS !

The snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win 4 hours of personal security protection offered by The Brute Squad, LLC. *All 4 hours must be used consecutively and on same date.

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