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Pit Your Wit’s ‘19: Week 15

Let’s see what new careers you chose for the Diamondbacks, shall we?

UIPM World Cup Final - Day 2 Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

A ton of great suggestions this week, and a lot of recs being handed out. We even had a red comment that didn’t make it on the board. And rec’s are getting more important every week, with only two more weeks left in the half, before we crown our first champion. In first place, Diamondhacks!

Tough crowd... I mean, can you really blame him when he’s blocked by future HoF’ers like Archie Bradley and Zack Godley? Oh wait, yes, yes I can

In second place, DbacksFan In Japan!

Speaking of that Cooperstown-bound pitcher! And in third place, Justin27!

It’s still a very tight race at the top, but we do have some changes there. With his 8 rec performance this week, Hacks moves into first, taking the spot away from Surosete, who moves to second. Just behind is Jack, still close enough to make a move in the last couple weeks of the season.

Pit Your Wits: First Half

Contestant Scores
Contestant Scores
Diamondhacks 39
surosete 36
Jack Sommers 30
Rockkstarr12 21
NikT77 20
Justin27 16
preston.salisbury 16
Keegan Thompson 11
AzRattler 6
MrMrrbi 6
FootstepsFalco16 5
Makakilo 4
TusconTim 4
piratedan7 3
Oldenschoole 2

As I write this, the Yankees and Red Sox are playing baseball in London, in an attempt to build support for the game there. However, to do this, MLB sent Joe Buck, a terrible announce, John Smoltz, local Old Man who yells at clouds, and Angel Hernandez, undercover agent from the NFL to destroy the credibility of baseball. We could have done better. Please come up with replacements for each of these three terrible people. Go!