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Friday in the Bay...One Week until the BeerCap Returns: Dbacks 3 Giants 6

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Pita Jungle for my fiancée and I delayed me in this endeavor and the watching of this game. So far as I can see I just missed a Dickerson solo shot off Kelly, so really not much at all. 0-1 Gigantes going in to the 3rd.

Kinda surprised Merrill Kelly has yet to get a hit this year, and he keeps that streak going in the 3rd. Guess I shouldn’t be, but when you got a pitcher who rakes like Greinke you got to imagin everyone else will at least learn something other than a new pitch.

Kelly gets roughed up by Buster Posey in the 3rd with what looked like his 1st homer in San Fran in more than a year since his injury. Luckily the powers of instant replay save us from two runs crossing the plate. So we’re 0-2 after the eyes in New York corrects the hit to a double.

Dyson leads off with a single in the 4th, and after a Marte pop up Peralta gets on with a walk, bringing up Escobar....who pops out. Then Lamb does a thing and drives in our first, let’s hope it’s the first of many for him after a lengthy stint on the IR. 1-2 Gigantes, but now we’re in it.

Lamb saves the bottom of the 4th stretching to get a bad throw after not stretching to allow a single. Plays like both of those make me pretty sure Walker’s job is not in all.

No action in the top of the 5th, but Jones makes a hell of a play in the bottom of the inning, but another Posey hit makes that all for naught. So we find ourselves down two again going in to the 6th: 1-3 Giants

Escobar gets himself a one out double in the 6th and Ahmed gets him home with 2outs to get us within 1 again, which in turn signals the end of the night for Anderson of the Giants.

Moronta closes the 6th out in place of Anderson, though not without making things a bit interesting. Still, despite some questionable base running by Carson Kelly we still go in to the bottom of the 6th down by 1.

McFarland takes over for Kelly and makes things instantly more difficult with a couple walks and a hit resulting in another Giants run bring things to 2-4 going in to the 7th.

McERA just ain’t feeling it tonight as he allows the first two batters on with singles. That’s followed soon thereafter by yet another RBI single and out deficit goes from 2 to 3.....uggghhhh .

Make that 4 as Andriese chucks a wild pitch to make it 2-6 Giants. Escobar makes a killer play to stop the bleeding in the 7th, but his efforts may be too little too late....

No dice in the 8th and things are looking pretty bleak. In other (hopefully good) news my beer caps shall return next Friday. The suds shall flow!!

9th inning and though Dyson gets us within three, it’s not enough and we suffer our first loss of the series.

Source: FanGraphs

The Good: Carson Kelly (11.3)
The Less Good: Jarrod Dyson (7.4)
The Ugly: Ketel Marte (-17.7)

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