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D-Backs Potpourri: Eating Uncomfortably Fresh

On some viral stuff from yesterday, all-star voting systems, etc.

Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A man is driving home on the highway. He is in the rightmost lane. Ahead of him, to the left, two cars collide at high speed, causing a big pile-up that he narrowly avoids. The man sees the lights go out of quite a few people’s eyes forever, but he remains unscathed.

He talks to the police and rescue crews about what he saw happen. He eventually goes home, shaken to his very being. The incident causes him to become distant from his wife and children, as being a typical American male he is emotionally stunted. He eventually falls into alcoholism, as he cannot erase the memory of that drive home to work.

His wife takes the children and goes to her mother. His productivity at work diminishes. One day, at 4 AM after drinking two bottles of Fireball in the bathtub, he gets his credit card out and goes on his laptop.

We cut to him walking into his seat section at Chase Field, looking slightly happier. He gets up and cheers when some undefined good thing happens on the field. Soft focus then,

Diamondbacks Baseball. It just gets you.”

I have decided that the new All-Star voting system is good, after is produced an outcome that I liked.

I had some initial cynicism, of course. Every weird thing that the Rob Manfred commissioner's office seems to have some sense of cheesiness and trying to appeal to some imaginary demographic that has never watched baseball, due to it being imaginary.

Also, dredging up the American political process was not the best idea. The two-year slog that is important, but makes everyone involved hate everything during and afterwards. The thing that only the super-wealthy can really have any influence on, which is always good.

But yeah, it’s good now, just cause Ketel Marte won. I’m sure I will feel the same next year if a Diamondback loses via this process.

I have nothing to add to the Chubs discourse from yesterday. It’s just so beautiful and I want to make sure the readership of this site is aware of it and looks up“Streisand Effect”

Somethings related to last night’s game that I want to point out:

  • Teams are, in general, hitting a lot more Home Runs than they did even the roided up late 90s. Who knows why this is happening? Well, everyone. The ball is more juiced than a Welch’s factory.
  • Last night’s starter for the Diamondbacks was Alex Young, who was conscripted into this role because the starting pitching depth is shot to hell.
  • Alex Young had a 6.09 ERA in Reno this season.
  • That is a very high ERA
  • Even when you take into account that Reno, and the Pacific Coast League in general, begets a hitter-friendly environment.
  • Even if you consider this a blip, he had a 5.09 ERA between Jackson and Reno last season.
  • He still held the Giants to only one run and had a no-hitter going before Belt’s Home Run
  • LOL @ Giants.

If the Diamondbacks want to make a surge into the trade deadline, they might have an excellent opportunity to do so. They get successive series against the Orioles and Marlins in the week before. If the team can’t get some padding in those games, they may as well sell everything.

Thank you, as always, for reading. If you aren’t, it’s not too late. We have the rest of our lives.