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All Star Starters Election 2019: #VOTEKETEL

Final Round Voting Starts TODAY !

Ever since Ketel Marte was a young player in the Mariners organization he has always dreamed of being an All Star. Breaking out in front of our eyes in 2019 Ketel Marte has proven to the Nation that he is deserving of the All Star votes and his place on the NL All Star Team. His 1st ever All Star game - but will he start? With the league’s new voting format fans will also get to vote which players get to start at their respective position. Marte has some stiff competition in this upcoming round of voting. He faces off against Mike Moustakas (Brewers) and Ozzie Albies (Braves). For the rest of the positions and players to vote for to START the 2019 All Star Game see this article. That said, it seems pretty clear that Marte is having the best season

During yesterday’s press conference Marte was clear that he needs the fans to help him achieve his dream to start in an All Star Game. In order for that to happen we have to rise up and vote again - voting will begin Wednesday, June 26th at 9 a.m. AZ time and end Thursday, June 27th at 1 p.m.

Click here to #voteketel

Also don’t forget to vote at Google as well, so you can make two votes ! HERE

When asked if he wanted to participate in the 2019 Home Run Derby, (having 20 home runs up until this moment) Marte’s answer was a definite, “Absolutely”. He would love to put on a show for everyone in Cleveland, and without being asked Marte proclaimed he “would bat from the right”. Though it seems batting left or right does not really matter to Ketel in terms of power. Jack asked Ketel what he has done to allow his left handed power to catch up to his right and Ketel responded with, “since I was a kid in the Dominican Republic the focus has always been ingrained in me that I have to be good with both hands.....the right has always been a little more powerful but the left side has caught up, and I am equally powerful on both sides of the plate right now”. When Ketel was asked who would pitch to him in the derby he said “ .... a coach that was with him ever since he joined the Seattle Mariners, his name is “Perkin” and he would be the one to throw”. The coach’s name is Alberto Mercedes, but goes by “Perkin” . He is not actually a coach in the Mariners’ system. He is the owner/coach of a baseball program where Ketel trained before signing. He still trains with him in the offseason.

On the defensive side of things Marte is also equally “fine” with playing any position. He is always focused on making improvements with the “little things and coaching”. He goes on to explain, “I give my all in every position and I try to adapt to whatever the coaches ask me to do”. While speaking of defense Marte was not shy about praising his teammate Nick Ahmed. “Like I always said, Nick Ahmed is the best SS in the far as I am concerned, it’s a real pleasure to play (the field) beside him anytime”.

In summary Ketel Marte is a God among second basemen and should get the nod to START the 2019 All Star Game. You can help him by voting here.