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Snake Bytes 6/17: Rotation Spot Help Wanted

Archie Bradley didn’t do so great after being granted his first start in a couple of years. Zack Godley got some innings, but still not so good.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Nationals 15, Diamondbacks 5

Archie Bradley and Zack Godley were so instrumental in the playoff run a couple of years ago. That’s why this hurts so much. Archie only got 4 outs in his start, giving up 4 runs in the process after the D-backs opened the game with a lead. Zack Godley is apparently only useful in chewing up innings in blowouts. How far they have fallen I suppose. The D-backs did have a successful road trip with a 7-3 record, they are in the thick of it for a wild card spot still.

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See if You Know These Facts About D-backs Players

A fun article. What did Zack Greinke do with his Cy Young trophy? Before reading the answer, this is a fun one to guess. I’m sure it was an annoyance for him to have to accept that award. All that publicity to deal with. Interviews. Notoriety. I almost wonder if he signed with the D-backs specifically for the lack of interest in the team in the national media.

Questions About Rotation After the Loss

I think we are running ideas on this one.

D-backs Farm Rumblings: Jake Lamb Working His Way Back Up

Almost forgot about the dude. Maybe he can reinvent himself as a starting pitcher to solve more pressing needs than playing first base against right-handed pitchers.

D-backs Improve Run Differential

This is one area that gives us some optimism. A +58 run differential would imply being 11 games over .500 if baseball was fair. It’s a long season, if they can keep those ratios up, perhaps something special will happen when the numbers even out.

Zack Greinke Trade Rumors

With only 2.5 years left on his big contract and pitching so well right now, yes the D-backs could get something substantial for him perhaps. But that would basically be giving up on this year’s team and possibly next year. He’s clearly the best player on the team, keeping this team in the race.

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Yankees Acquire Edwin, Stockpile Power

Big market teams have all the fun it seems. Would the Yankees be interested in Greinke? Maybe, but would Greinke accept a trade to a team the national media cares about? Who knows?

Why Relief Pitchers Are So Hard to Figure Out?

They are hard to predict year after year. Might explain why teams are rarely willing to pay lots of money for seemingly valuable pitchers.