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Snake Bytes 5/6: Archie Archie Archie

It is better to be thought not having a knucklecurve, than to throw one and remove all doubt.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Rockies 8, Diamondbacks 7

This one was going good. Greinke wasn’t great but good enough. The D-backs took a 4-run lead into the 8th inning. Then Archie Bradley happened. Time to shave the beard? Better yet, get a secondary pitch. His fastball is good, but it doesn’t go 102mph, it doesn’t cut all that much, nor does it sink. He needs a secondary pitch. Even Randy Johnson was relatively ineffective when his slider came out flat. Big leaguers who know only a fastball can be a strike can do major damage. This time it cost the D-backs a game that should have been won easily.

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Kelly Takes on Former Club: Tampa Bay

After spending 4 years in Korea, does it even matter? Regardless, the Rays are looking good this year and the D-backs face them next.

D-backs Farm Rumblings: Clarke Shines

It is not hard to image who will get the next start in place of Zack Godley. Some real reason for optimism.

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By the Numbers: D-backs Best on Road

This is not surprising after past performance the last couple of years. Glass half-empty side wonders why home record is not better.

Around MLB

Power Rankings: Legitimate Contenders Emerge

The Dodgers top the list even with AJ Pollock, which shouldn’t be surprising. The Rays are second and our next opponent. The fact that the D-backs are in tenth in May is a very nice surprise.

Reds Hit Homers on Three Consecutive Pitches

I never heard of this happening before. Pitcher Jeff Samardzija might not sleep well tonight. This against a Reds team having a dreadful year.

The Best Hitter You Hardly Know

FanGraphs has an answer for everything. Go ahead and take a guess who.