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Snake Bytes 5/30: Ray's Half-Day

Can we get Robbie Ray some "enhancement pills" ? The ones that help with he can go the distance...

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News:

Rockies clinched the series win last night in what turned out to be another frustrating loss for the Dbacks. Robbie Ray went just 4.2 innings and though the Dbacks offense put up 4 runs, the Rockies still came out on top winning 5 to 4.

Robbie Ray struggles in loss.

Ray threw just 59 of 102 pitches for strikes and tied his season high in hits allowed with eight.

Diamondbacks drop 3rd straight in loss to Rockies.

The team still owns a .500 winning % and has a better record than the St Louis Cardinals. Trying to be positive, like makakilo. Also I need some drywall repairman referrals, two have quit on me this week....

Diamondbacks fans express frustration with Lovullo, Bradley amid turrible May.

You damn right we are pissed.

Torey Lovullo says Archie Bradley is 'just grinding right now'.

What does that mean bro?

“We’re going to still count on him in certain situations,” Lovullo said on Wednesday. “We might get him some (appearances with) multiple innings to continue to develop a feel. We might give him some really short spurts to walk off the mound and have a good result....

I thought AAA or AA would make a better place to "develop" a player....To me this sounds like Torey is putting Bradley's development above the greater good of the team, again. Still. Torey, bro...Bradley is not grinding, he's sucking.

Around Baseball:

A look at the 10 worst ceremonial 1st pitches.

10 video clips of turrible turrible performances....

Young girl hit by line-drive foul ball at Astros game.

"I [came] upstairs and see the first-aid guys up there and the dad is holding the girl,” LeVasseur told the Chronicle. “She [was] alert, she’s conscious, she’s fine.”

For the next week we will be flooded with "mlb needs to extend the nets!!!!!"

Off Topic Snake News:

Man charged with selling rattlesnakes critically ill from multiple snake bites.

Short was bitten just hours after he appeared in Lycoming County court where his scheduled guilty plea to charges related to the illegal capture and sale of rattlesnakes...