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Monday Memes 5/27: Memeorial day.

I told Turambar I was going to meme him.

Alex Avila shares his thoughts on the leaked images of a “potentially” new D-backs ballpark.

So many things are happening in Diamondback’s land right now, it’s almost impossible to pick just one topic to meme. We could meme JRM/DFA, or recent injuries including Weaver’s taught forearm. We could also meme about sweeping the SF Giants in SF, the possibilities are endless. However it is a Holiday so I am up for any random memes regarding any of this week’s D-backs topics. Throw in a Godley meme if you’d like, somehow he still has a starting job and that will likely continue since Weaver may be F’d. The snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win a jar of Knott’s Berry farm jelly (I pick the flavor) from my upcoming trip to Knott’s this week. Good luck, bros.