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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Week 9

The Return of Nacho Slides...

PGA: PGA Championship - Final Round Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I asked you to come up with some new features to be added to the leaked ballpark images that Jim and Turambar reported on earlier last week. Lots of good suggestions, but there was a clear winner. Congrats Jack!

In second place, Justin27, with a suggestion that will be well received by the Brute Squad!

And rounding out the top three... I guess...

Members of a certain tenure will understand this, but for the newer members, a quick primer. A while back, I did a similar prompt for PYW’s, and someone, honestly don’t remember who, suggested they install a Nacho Slide. It was an awesome suggestion! It won! But the problem is, it kept winning. People kept giving it as an answer, no matter what the prompt was. It got so bad, the next season I had to issue a blanket ban on Nacho Slides, and I kept that ban in place... until this year. And of course, the one year I don’t put the ban into effect, they come back. They always come back. Anyway, all that to say, the next person who mentions N*ch* Sl*ds gets an IP address ban :-)

Pit Your Wits, first half

Contestant Scores
Contestant Scores
Diamondhacks 28
Jack Sommers 25
surosete 24
preston.salisbury 16
NikT77 13
Justin27 11
Keegan Thompson 11
Rockkstarr12 7
FootstepsFalco16 5
Makakilo 4
piratedan7 3

No major changes to the leaderboard this week. Jack does move into the second place, only three points behind Diamondhacks with plenty of time left in the first half.

This weekend, in downtown Phoenix, is Phoenix Comic-con Phoenix Fan Fusion. Tons of independent artists are there, celebrities doing autography signings and panels, and, of course, fans dressing up as their favorite characters, or cosplaying. This week, I want you to chose one current Diamondback player and tell us who they would cosplay as if they went to Fan Fusion. Go!