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D-backs fans are FAIRLY confident about out front office and the draft...

But there’s a lot of history to overcome.

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Oakland Athletics v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Do you trust the front office to make a good draft pick? 75% .YES

The upcoming draft has the potential to be a complete game-changer for the D-backs, who could put out an entire starting line-up [with room for a DH], just off the picks they have in the top hundred. But the MLB draft is considerably less certain than most other sports, and the history of the D-backs’ first-round picks is... not good, shall we say. If you can identify our first-round pick pictured at the top of this article, you are probably in the top 5% of most ardent Diamondbacks’ fans. Of the ones picks the team had through 2010, Justin Upton is the only unabashed success for Arizona, with a side-serving of Stephen Drew and A.J. Polliock. That’s just three out of twenty-four to have been worth more than five bWAR here.

That actually ranks a bit below average, league-wide. In the NL West, it puts Arizona ahead of San Francisco (72%) and Colorado (69%), but well behind San Diego (95%) and Los Angeles (92%). Across the majors, the highest mark went to the Astros’ front-office, who received a unanimous vote of confidence from Houston fans - understandable, given their recent track-record, I’d say. At the other end, Pirates’ supporters were least confident, only 29% believing in their general manager. That was lower even than the New York Mets’ rating of 34%. There was also a second question, asked nationally, as to whether you prefer college or high-school talent, and here’s the result of that.

Finally, let’s check in with the two regular weekly questions, concerning confidence in the team and manager Torey Lovullo.

Are you confident in the direction of the team? 56% YES

Do you approve of the job Torey Lovullo is doing as manager? 71% YES

A further dip in both numbers, dropping by fifteen and twelve percent respectively, as the team has endured their longest losing streak of the season. That’s a new low for managerial confidence, which had never previously dipped below eighty percent. Team confidence is still not quite there, but if we don’t win this series over the Giants, it may well challenge the season low, set in the opening week at 50%. As usual, please feel free to explain your choices in the comments, particularly with regard to any changes from the previous week.

The photo at the top is Stryker Trahan, who was a first-round pick by the Diamondbacks in 2012. Called “the nation’s best backstop” before being drafted, he couldn’t stick behind the plate and eventually became an outfielder. However, after five years in the minors, never getting above High-A and with a career OPS below .700, he was eventually released by Arizona before the 2017 season. A cautionary tale, indeed. He joins Bobbie Borchering, Wes Roemer, Matt Torra and Corey Myers as first-round picks by the D-backs who never played in the majors for any team.