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Monday Memes 5/20: Moving on

I am trying my hardest to be nice.

neck. sack.

A mediocre home stand has come to an end and the team is off to San Diego. Sure, we could roast Zack Godley right now, or even Hirano, or McERArbitration, or the offense, or whom’st’ever decided Godley was once again going to start,... again. I assume that person was Torey Lovullo and according to the latest SB survey his numbers are trending down.

No, I am not going to roast or meme any of them. Not this time. Moving on to San Diego it’s time for the team to get it together and beat the sin out of the Padres. The D-backs have lost two in a row, the Padres have taken 3 massive L’s in a row, all of this while the Dodgers extend their division lead - unchallenged. Time to meme the Dads. The snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win lunch with Turambar at Gadzookz on Osborn.