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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Week 8

Wanted: One new mascot

IndyCar: 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500-Practice Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I put out the call for a new mascot for our beloved Arizona Diamondbacks, and, as always, you gave some pretty great suggestions. In true Highlander style, however, there can only be one, and this week, that one is Nikt77!

In second place, we find Justin, with a suggestion of a poor, unemployed mascot...

And last but not least, with a comment in a similar vein to NikT’s, suroeste!

Pit Your Wit’s, first half

Contestant Scores
Contestant Scores
Diamondhacks 28
surosete 24
Jack Sommers 17
NikT77 13
preston.salisbury 12
Keegan Thompson 11
Rockkstarr12 7
FootstepsFalco16 5
Justin27 5
Makakilo 4
piratedan7 3

Not a lot of change on the leaderboard. Nik’s first place finish moves them just outside of the top three, and it was Justin’s first visit to the podium. At the top, though, there wasn’t any change, though suroeste inched closer to that first position that Hacks has had in a chokehold for a few weeks.

This week, Jim and Turambar did some good, old-fashioned investigative journalism and found some designs for what the next home of the Dbacks might look like. Your job: come up with one feature to be included. Go!