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Dbacks vs. Pirates: Quick Recap

Enjoying the game with some friends, so a quick recap until I can get home :)

Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Luke Weaver didn’t have his best game tonight, but for the most part got the results he needed. He pitched around trouble a couple times, including loading the bases in the second, and first and third no out in the third. Gave up a run there, as well as two more in the fifth inning, but did a good job keeping the team in the game through six innings.

That ended in the top of the eighth when Zack Godley came in for a relief appearance. First pitche he three went for a home run and then a few batters later he gave up another one, this time for two runs, pushing the game completely out of reach.

It didn’t help that the offense managed absolutely nothing almost all night. Joe Musgrove went seven scoreless, one hit, two walk baseball and, as you can see, completely dominated the Diamondbacks tonight. The Pirates picked up their first win against the Diamondbacks in their last ten games, and the home fans went home disappointed. Full recap to follow shortly.