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Snake Bytes 5/13: At Least Brave Fan Mothers Are Happy

Zack Godley was used to start a bullpen type game.

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Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks

Braves 5, Diamondbacks 3

This was an unusual game for Torey Lovullo. Zack Godley did get the start and pitched decently, at least did not give up any walks. But then Lovullo went to Duplantier in the third inning and he gave up a quick three runs. Then Torey stuck with Duplantier for a total of three innings after Duplantier managed to right the ship. Adam Jones broke out of his slump and got the D-backs close in the fourth inning, but it mostly zeros for the rest of the game. In terms of who is the fifth starter, this game asks more questions than it answers.

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Ray Nears 800 K’s Entering Start Vs. Bucs

First of all, these milestones stories with semi-round numbers are starting to wear me out. But that is actually quite impressive this early in his career. Especially, since many times he does not get too deep into games.

By the Numbers: Untimely Hitting Plagues Solid Week for D-backs Starters

Good luck means you get a hit with runners in scoring position. Bad luck means you get a hit down by 5 runs with 2 outs in the 8th inning. It might be a question for the ages in baseball. Do the laws of math and averages make getting that big hit random, or do big-time players “step up” and small-time players “step down”? Somewhere in between that?

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Around MLB

Power Rankings: Picture Clears at Quarter Mark

Yeah, sure, about as clear as mud. The baseball season is long and brutal, but the Diamondbacks are about tenth in all these lists. Before it is finished, let’s hope they climb rather than fall.

The Unikelihood of Mike Fiers’ Second No-hitter, Quantified

Expanding on the them of timely and untimely hitting. FanGraphs decided to write about how nearly impossible Mike Fiers’ accomplishment was.

Bumgardner Taunts Puig After Giving Up HR

“He’s a quick study,” Bumgarner said. “It only took him seven years to learn how to hit that pitch.” I like that quote and I wish the Dodger’s did not add by subtracting him.