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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Week 7

Let’s see who you suggested should take over the fifth spot in the rotation!

Betfred British Masters Hero Challenge Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Last week, Godley was removed from the pitching rotation, so we needed needed to choose his replacement. Hope his mom didn’t read the suggestions, because they were not kind to her son. Fitting, but not kind. We had a clear runaway winner again this week, so congrats to Keegan!

In second place, with plenty of recs themselves, we find surosete!

A fine suggestion! Though I am afraid she won’t go for it, as it would kind of prove that anyone can do what her son does, which is an opinion she clearly does not share.

In third place, with enough recs to win most weeks, we find Hacks!

And now for the updated standings:

Pit Your Wits, first half

Contestant Scores
Contestant Scores
Diamondhacks 28
surosete 20
Jack Sommers 17
preston.salisbury 12
Keegan Thompson 11
Rockkstarr12 7
NikT77 6
FootstepsFalco16 5
Makakilo 4
piratedan7 3

Keegan jumps all the way to fourth with his first visit to the podium this season. However, Hacks extends his lead even further, but now is leading suroeste, who moved into second place.

This week, I’m going to go simple for the prompt. Come up with a new mascot for the Dbacks. It can either supplement Baxter, replace him, or best him in mortal combat for the right to be the team mascot. Go!