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Monday Memes 4/8: The Home Bropener

a collection of memes I snatched from the cyber-world during the Diamondback’s home opener.

He had about 59 drinks that day.

With a day off today the Diamondbacks will rest, but the memes they never stop. There was however a slight shortage of memes this weekend, so I am forced to share a smaller amount than usual. On this weeks Monday Memes let us meme the Home Opener series with a side of Alex Avila. The snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win a bottle of Brute Sauce (Goldy’s Ghost flavor). You gotta come pick it up though somewhere around 16th street and Union Hills will provide exact address just text when you are a few blocks away.

Don’t forget to snatch meme templates from here. Good luck, bros.

What it feels like leaving your seats in the upper deck to get beer on Opening Day.