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Snake Bytes 4/18: Three in a row

Godley good. Bullpen even better.

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Atlanta Braves
Holland did not even have to use his AK - have to say it was a good day.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News:

Dbacks 3, Braves 2.

The Arizona Diamondbacks won their 3rd game in a row last night after beating Atlanta 3-2 in the 10th. Godley pitched above expectations and settled in nicely after getting beat-up early on. The Dbacks bullpen finished things off nicely with Andriese striking out two in relief of Godley, and Bradley handling the 8th and 9th innings holding the Braves at 2 runs. Closer Greg Holland captured his 4th save of the year. The Dbacks have the series and go for the sweep early this morning, game time 9:10 a.m.

The Dbacks love carrying 3 catchers, is it worth it?

Mr. Buchanan writes that the Dbacks may be ahead of the curve by carrying 3 catchers, at least Torey believes so when he says “I think you’re going to see a lot of teams fill it,” Lovullo said, “with a third catcher.”, in reference to next seasons 26 man roster expansion. Avila and JRM like the idea because it gives them more rest and specifically more time to study for future games. Another benefit? Example from the article: With David Peralta on the bench due to a planned day off, Lovullo pinch-hit the outfielder in place of catcher John Ryan Murphy in the sixth. Peralta hit a three-run homer, and then he was replaced with another catcher for the seventh. After the game, Lovullo said he’d probably do that kind of thing again.


With this new info, is it still worth it to carry 3 catchers?

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Diamondbacks catchers leaning on ‘cheat sheets’ during games.

Carson Kelly uses the wristband while Joseph and John Ryan Murphy use index cards they store in their pocket. Hammock said it takes him about an hour and a half before each series to take the scouting and game-planning information provided by ‘Hair of the Year’ runner-up and Dback’s strategist Dan Haren, and condense it into card form. The pitchers still go over more detailed reports with catchers prior to games.

Diamondbacks go for the shows.

......he was elusive when speaking about the stadium’s future.

“Our focus right now is the opportunity in front of us — Arizona Diamondbacks Events & Entertainment,” Maxey said. “It’s something that is new, and ultimately we have a lot of infrastructure to build out in our corporate event business. That is where the volume is going to come from.”

Crowd is looking thicc

Around Baseball:

MLB’s problem: Let the kids play or...... adhere to un-written rules ? recap, a young player hits a homer and shows emotion (good!), gets hit by a pitch (it’s an unwritten rule!), then gets thrown out for getting upset (don’t do that!).

Longest tenured player on each team.

For the Dbacks: 1. Jake Lamb 2. Nick Ahmed 3. David Peralta 4. Robbie Ray.

MLB abandons plans for $10 million dollar Birmingham Academy.

MLB representative Tony Reagins wrote: “We believe the youth of Birmingham would benefit from our programs, however the timing is not right and quite frankly may never be.”

Damn, son.

Off-topic Snake News:

Snake Island is real, and it could kill you.

“With these snakes it will be a particularly painful death. You’re going to die screaming,” he told Brown in the report.