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Snake Bytes 4/16: Hot ‘Lanta

Arizona begins a ten game road trip that will take them through Atlanta, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

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San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Arizona Diamondbacks News

[D’] He cleaned their cleats -- now he’s one of them - Before he was an MLB catcher, Caleb Joseph was a clubhouse attendant for the Nashville Sounds. He once was responsible for making sure Adam Jones’ laundry was clean, and nearly a decade later has played with him on both the D’backs and Baltimore Orioles.

“I try and keep my area as tidy as possible knowing that when we come in after a game and everything is completely straightened up, that doesn’t happen by magic,” Joseph said. “It’s somebody inside the clubhouse working. People think that Major Leaguers wear new cleats every game. They don’t. It’s the hard work of the clubhouse attendants that make those things look brand new. I have the utmost respect for everybody that works in a clubhouse because I’ve done it. It’s not easy work, but it’s extremely gratifying when the ballclub wins.”

[AZ Central] Can the Arizona Diamondbacks get more than five innings out of Robbie Ray? - Robbie Ray has yet to complete six full innings this season, and the sky is still blue if you haven’t checked lately. He’s been able to strike batters out at an alarming rate since he joined the Diamondbacks, but has rarely been able to pitch beyond the 6th inning. In his 116 career starts, he’s made it to the 6th inning in 70 of those games and into the 7th a measly 24 times. However, Robbie’s 28.8% K% since 2015 ranks 6th in the league while his 10.6% BB% is 4th. Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it.

“I’m a max-effort pitcher,” he said. “I throw every pitch as hard as I can for as long as I can. I’ve never been a guy who can sit there and sink the ball and cut the ball, change up. I’ve never been a finesse guy. “Maybe way later in my career that’s something I’ll have to dabble in.”

[Arizona Sports] David Peralta’s great start to 2019: By the numbers - David Peralta is quickly building on his All Star worthy 2018 season becoming the beacon in the lineup the D’backs needed after key departures. His batted ball profile is similar to where it was last season in terms of contact quality while he has cut down on his ground ball percentage. If he keeps it up, he should earn strong consideration for his first trip to the Midsummer Classic.

[The Athletic] Practice your humble: Now living the good life, Eduardo Escobar never forgets his hungry, painful past - For most of my adult baseball watching life, I’ve always taken particular interest in the Venezuelans. They’ve always been my favorite team to watch in the World Baseball Classic. Despite the sociopolitical issues which plague the country, it seems to produce an endless stream of talented baseball players who are equally as impressive in their personal lives. David Peralta, Jose Altuve, Ender Inciarte, Martin Prado, Miguel Cabrera, Felix Hernandez, and Eduardo Escobar are just a few who have come from the country we’ve had the pleasure of watching this decade. It is my belief that their humble beginnings have shaped them into some of the best players in the league.

“You need to be a good person, no matter if you have money or no money,” [Eduardo Escobar] tells them. “And stay humble. Never forget who helped you.”

Around the League

[ESPN] Power Rankings: Big tests coming for April’s hot starters - Where does a middle of the road home stand find the D’backs? ESPN plops Arizona at #23. Sporting News is just as confused about their true identity as I am at #24. The Athletic notches the D’backs at #22. Bleacher Report is the most optimistic at #20.

[CBS Sports] Clayton Kershaw’s velocity and craftiness could be the key to his 2019 debut and rest of season - Clayton Kershaw made his season debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers last night. Yasiel Puig nabbed a two run home run off of him to center field in the first inning. Kershaw struck out six and allowed five hits over seven innings.