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D-backs 8, Padres 4: A Beercap of Fire and Ice

Evil invaders turned away from ultimate victory at the last moment. In other news, Game of Thrones is on.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Arizona Diamondbacks
His hair. Magnificent.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 7-9. Pace: 71-91. Change on 2018: -5.

Well, I’ve returned yet again to grace these pages. You’re welcome

Beer 1: Into the Sunset Blood Orange IPA by Hess

Just got off my bike and in to the bar, and what’s the first thing I see? An early lead for the Friars. I dares say this has never occurred this season or ever (insert sarcasm emoji here). 0-1 Padres

Still a young season, and still I can’t tell if pitching will be a strength/weakness, or hitting a strength/weakness. Either the starters look strong and the pen fades or vice versa. Hitting seems more consistent, but sometimes timely and sometimes not. Will the real 2019 Dbacks please stand up?

Greinke looks solid despite the leadoff homer, he’s gonna need to continue on that path to have any hope of salvaging this series. Though honestly I should give the Padres credit. They’re good, very good. We’ll see how they hold up, and who better to judge than us fans after we saw the Dbacks blossom early and fade late. So we’ll see Padres, it’s a hell of a long road to October.....

Escobar with the leadoff single in the 2nd with Walker coming up. The Thiccness has mellowed out at the plate as of late after a hot start, and continues to cool as he lines out. Ahmed and Murphy don’t do much better and Ahmed is left all alone on 1st. That makes me cry face and thirsty.

Greinke still doing ace things in the 3rd and in the bottom of the frame he takes matters in to his own hands reaching on a single. Marte brings that same long haired home with a bomb to left field. 2-1 Dbacks and my mood has improved.

Beer 2: Snozzberry Berlinerweise by Tombstone

Let none of you comment I only drink IPAs. I only mostly drink IPAs, and sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit and this weird fruit beer is awesome.

Greinke follows up helping himself in the 3rd by helping himself even more, starting a beautiful double play to end the 4th. It’s gotta be the hair.

The hair isn’t enough to save him from Tatis Jr. in the 5th, as he crushes a solo shot to left tying the game at 2.

Greinke does it again in the 5th, this time with a double to lead off the inning. Vargas follows up with a double of his own and we own the lead once more. 3-2 after an otherworldly play by Renfroe. I tell you what, the Friars are good and young.

Beer 3: Alternative Facts IPA by Historic Brewing Co

Greinke throws a relatively uneventful frame in the 6th leading to Jones and Walker both getting on board in the bottom of the frame. Walker must have sensed my disdain. Then, unto this, comes Peralta and with one mighty swing we got a nice 4run cushion. 6-2 Dbacks

Locastro leads off the bottom of the 7th with a single after another dominant frame by Greinke. After advancing Jones then walks and Locastro advances again on a sac, finally getting home on a .....balk. Loving this game. 7-2 Dbacks.

Yoshi’s in and despite two quick outs he can’t quite continue that and a single followed by a double later the lead is down to 4 runs.

Make that 3 runs with yet another hit and Yoshi is replaced by Chafin, who despite some fan grumblings does a fine job getting us out of serious trouble: 7-4 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 7th.

Beer 4: Boss Pour IPA by Abnormal

Moments after I pour this Walker beats the ever loving s$&@ our of a pitch and we’re now back to that comfortable 4run cushion. No further excitement and we’re now at 8-4 going in to the 9th.

Holland’s brought in and cruises through the first two outs and manages to save the series (at least our honor) with the third our.

Sunday Funday still goes on and I have Game of Thrones to watch with my fiancée. Hope you’re all gonna watch too!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Click here for details, at
Daenerys Targaryen: David Peralta, +20.2%
Jon Snow: Marte, +17.6%; Greinke (batting), +17.0%; Greinke (pitching), +13.4%
Joffrey: Nick Ahmed, -9.8%

Present in the Gameday Thread were... Well, not me, since I was watching roller derby all afternoon. But those in attendance were: AZPerson, AzDbackfanInDc, BobDolio, DeadManG, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Justin27, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Rockkstarr12, Sprankton, dbrowell, gamepass, kilnborn, onedotfive and suroeste. Comment of the game to Justin27:

Another off-day for the D-backs tomorrow, as they hit the road on a trip that will take them through Atlanta, Chicago and Pittsburgh. Robbie Ray gets things under way against the Braves on Tuesday.