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Snake Bytes 4/13: No Offense, But...

Yeah, no. I’ve got nothing The Diamondbacks’ offense was horrific and spoiled an awesome outing by Luke Weaver.

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San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

San Diego 2, Arizona 1

Manny Machado took Luke Weaver deep to the opposite field in the first inning to give San Diego a quick lead. That didn’t shake the young righty though. He finished the night with 6 13 innings pitched, striking out eight and walking none. He gave up a second run after he showed signs of running out of stem in the seventh and exited the game having done about all that could be asked of a starting pitcher to help his team win. The Arizona offense was absent though, unable to adjust to the good changeup up San Diego starter, Chris Paddack. The Diamondbacks managed only three hits and one walk on the evening.

Weaver Stellar in Arizona Loss

Manny Machado gave a Luke Weaver 96 mph fastball a ride to the opposite field in the first inning. After that, Weaver was on cruise control, including fourth and sixth inning strikeouts of Machado. Arizona’s bats were unable to support Weaver though, and he was hung with the loss.

Offense Goes Silent

The Diamondbacks managed to make 19 consecutive outs to finish their night in speedy fashion.

Torey Lovullo Lost Sleep Over Decision

Torey Lovullo decided to show a bit more confidence in righty Zack Godley on Thursday night. That decision resulted in Godley getting tuned up and the Diamondbacks finding themselves in a big hole.

Wilmer Flores Providing Infield Flexibility

HAppy to be in Arizona, Flores has adapted to being the defensive utility man. Now he’s looking for his bat to return.

Around MLB

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Congratulations are in order to Ozzie Albies for securing his family’s future. An even bigger round of applause might be due the Atlanta Braves’ front office for establishing the new gold standard in early extensions. This is the sort of contract that is likely to make the upcoming CBA negotiations bloody.

Is the Labor Relations Department Helping Teams Collude?

As if there weren’t enough problems to be tackled in the upcoming CBA talks, players may once again be strengthening their case for the existence of collusion by baseball ownership. However, as Barry Bonds’ case demonstrates, even obvious collusion may not be enough to bring legal consequences. The umbrella of “fiscal responsibility” can both hide and create a multitude of sins.