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Of D-backs fans, confidence and bat-flips

D-back fan confidence reached a season-high! Of course, we’re only ten games in...

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Are you confident in the direction of the team? 79%

Consecutive series wins - one on the road against a divisional rival, and the other against the reigning World Series champions - will tend to boost confidence, and that proved to be the case here. I suspect this metric is going to be quite volatile in the early part of the season, fluctuating much like Christian Walker’s batting average. We still really don’t know quite who this team is. Even though expectations were relatively low before Opening Day, that seemed excessive in the light of the pitching fiasco in Los Angeles. But Arizona has gone 5-3 since, and is undefeated in three consecutive series. However, I think it’ll take more than that for true confidence - or even hope - to arise for the 2019 Diamondbacks.

Do you approve of the job Torey Lovullo is doing? 100%

I’m a little surprised confidence is so unanimously present. I guess it’s the binary nature of the question. While generally he’s been solid, the whole three catchers thing bugs the heck out of me - probably more than it should. As long as the team hangs around at or slightly above .500. I don’t think there’ll be much real ground for complaint. Not that this, of course will stop us, as the series in Los Angeles showed...

Let’s talk about bat-flips..

Absolutely no bias inherent in those answers at all. A more accurate and neutral pair of options would be “Yes, I’m a giant, Bryce Harper-shaped dick” or “No, I actually respect the traditions of the game.” Because I strongly suspect that the people who get joy from bat-flips are basically the same ones who enjoy doing the wave. If Zack Greinke didn’t flip his bat after hitting his second home-run against the Padres, nobody else should get to. You’re a hitter. It’s what you are supposed to do. You don’t see me flipping my computer after I successfully re-image a server, going “REEEEEEE! LOOK AT ME!!!! I DID MY JOB! WOOOOO!” Final point: Yasiel Puig flips his bat. A lot. Do you really want to be like Yasiel Puig? I rest my case. /drops mic Or, rather /flips mic.