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Snake Bytes 3/9: Los D-Backs al Sur de la Frontera

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The Diamondbacks are heading south of the border to Monterrey, Mexico for a two game set against the Colorado Rockies as part of a goodwill tour to help grow the sport. Game one is this evening.

Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Head of Travel has New Challenge

Home clubhouse manager and Senior Director of Travel, Roger Riley has his hands full this weekend. The Diamondbacks are headed to Monterrey, Mexico for a two-game set against the Colorado Rockies. David Peralta, Steven Souza, Jr., Ketel Marte, and Eduardo Escobar will all be among those with a personal interest who will be making the trip.

Archie Bradley Works on Curve Versus Brewers

Three singles and three strikeouts, including one of Travis Shaw, who had previously taken Zack Godley deep twice in the game. That was the result of Bradley’s inning of work against the Brewers. The right-hander is working on refining the curveball now that his fingernail is healed, once again throwing it for strikes and using it to set up his high fastball.

Season Preview: Can Franchise Player be Replaced?

Yahoo examines the makeup of the new-look Diamondbacks in a post-Goldschmidt world.

Around Baseball

Atlantic League to Experiment with Drastic Change Proposals for MLB

Let me be the first in welcoming our Robot Overlords. Among the other proposed changes that will be tested will be requiring the infield to keep two men on either side of second base, increasing the size of the bases themselves, eliminating mound visits, and most drastically of all changes, moving the mound back two feet without changes the size or the slope. This last change will be tested out only over the second half of the season.

Rays to Renew Blake Snell for Pre-Arbitration Salary

In accordance with the CBA, reigning AL Cy Young winner, Blake Snell, is still not eligible to make more than the league minimum salary. As such, the Tampa Bay Rays will be sticking to their internal formula for player salaries and be paying Snell $573,700 in 2019, likely setting up a contentious run through his arbitration years as the left-hander was disappointed to find that winning the award for bets pitcher in the league was not enough to earn him a pay bump.

The 10 Fastest Teams in Baseball

Unsurprisingly, the Diamondbacks no longer rank in the top 13 of teams in baseball with regard to speed.

Addressing Tanking Through Revenue Sharing

Does baseball actually have a tanking problem, or is it a parity issue? Is there honestly any issue at all, or is this just part of a larger cycle of team competitiveness? One way to find out and to disincentivize losing could be to adjust the revenue sharing plan , both for the winners and the losers.