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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #13: 3/7 vs. Indians

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The return of the prodigal Diamondback...

Arizona Diamondbacks v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It would, I think, be fascinating to put Zack Greinke and Trevor Bauer in the same room for two hours, and just be a fly on the wall. They both have a reputation for being smart in some ways, yet spiky in others. I suspect at the end of the afternoon, they’d either emerge best buds, or one would be standing over the dismembered corpse of the other. Bauer famously left Arizona under something of a cloud, clashing in particular with catcher Miguel Montero, who said Bauer “never wanted to listen.” Still, I guess Trevor got the last laugh on that one, having blossomed with the Indians, becoming an All-Star for the first time last year. And he still flies his drones, too...

Greinke’s first spring start went about as well as could be hoped, facing six batters and retiring all six of them. His velocity was considerably better than at the same point last season - not that this turned out to be anything of an issue once the season began, of course. All told, the D-backs pitching has been pretty solid this spring: their 4.54 ERA ranks fourth best in the Cactus League, behind the Mariners, Padres and Dodgers. Walk rate is a bit high, with the D-backs having issued 46 BB in 105 IP. The overall number which stands out is the lack of home-runs by Arizona hitters. There have been only six hit in the first dozen games; no-one else in the Cactus League is in single digits.

Today’s game is on Fox Sports Arizona, and it’s an actual FSAZ broadcast, with Bob and Bert on the call.