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Snake Bytes 3/7: Spring Fling Continues

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and now the news.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News:

Yesterday’s Box Score

After a flury of deals, Zack Greinke still stands alone.

This is an interesting article with some good Greinke quotes included. Basically, Greinke is making just over $34 million next season. More than Harper and more than Machado - so who is the real King? GreinKing is.

Dback’s Porter addresses losing Buccholz, and optimism for Carson Kelly.

The team talked with Clay early on in the offseason but that was it. Porter goes on to hope that Kelly becomes a full-time catcher.

Dbacks looking for 55 or older ‘Golden Glovers’ for 2019 season.

Tryouts will be held at Matt Mantei Field at Clark Park at 1730 S. Roosevelt St. in Tempe. Registration will begin Sunday at 10 a.m., and tryouts will begin at 11 a.m. The event is open to the public.

We should show up to heckle or applaud, depending on how well each individual does during try-outs. Could you imagine? “ HEY POPS! Maybe next time use your scooter, you have NO RANGE, bro!”

Dback V Indians this afternoon at SRF, Bauer vs Greinke. Game will be on FSA-Arizona and also

Around Baseball:

Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright suspended for 80 games.

Someone must have slipped a performance enhancing substance into Mr. Wright’s cocktail at the club because the 34 year old knuckleballer has NO IDEA how this happened, but promises to investigate his supply chain.

Jack White (yes thee Jack White) donates 10 large to help restore Detroit-area Negro League ballpark.

Doing the Lord’s work.
Getty Images

MLB wants lineups at least 15 minutes before the info is made public.

“We are updating a number of our procedures to reduce integrity risks associated with the expansion of sports betting in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling last May,” Major League Baseball said in a statement. “One new procedure is that we now ask Clubs to submit starting lineups in a uniform fashion in order to reduce the risk of confidential information being ‘tipped.’ This approach mirrors those of international sports leagues in more developed betting markets.”

Well someone is certainly behaving like a helicopter-mom.


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Off Topic Snake News:

Phoenix man makes medical history as rattlesnake bite victim.

This hiker was trying to be a hero when he spotted the snake on the trail. He was trying to “protect” others by putting himself in harms way and MOVE the snake along. He then became the 1st bite victim to use a new FDA approved anti-venom. Don’t be a hero, folks. It will save you a lot of $$$.