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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #12: 3/6 @ Brewers

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Our first trip to the new-look Maryvale Stadium

San Diego Padres v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There have been changes to Maryvale Stadium since the last time the D-backs played here. Originally occupied by Milwaukee in 1998, even though it was only two decades old, the team was casting envious eyes at spiffier new facilities such as Salt River Fields and Sloan Park. Rumblings about the team leaving helped lead to an agreement between the Brewers and the city on a development project which took place last summer. However, unlike some facilities (CubsCOUGHCubs), the team paid for the bulk of this upgrades rather than taxpayers: $58 million, with the City of Phoenix contributing $10 million over five years for renovations, and the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority paying about $5.7 million.

The upgrades include:

  • New clubhouse building with locker rooms, concessions/restrooms, retail, ticketing and support areas
  • New entry plaza
  • Renovated Major League clubhouse
  • New agility field
  • New pitching and catching mounds
  • New parking lots
  • New commissary/visiting clubhouse
  • Field improvements
  • Press box/suites refurbishments
  • New scoreboard

Of course, it’s still in Maryvale... Let’s just say, I doubt any tourists will exactly be hanging round the area afterward [I lived on 41st Ave + McDowell for a couple of years, so speak from experience there]

Robbie Ray makes his third start for the D-backs. His first two have been okay, allowing one run over four innings in total, though the K:BB of 5:3 is nothing special. A fairly full-strength line-up behind him, with the exception of the middle infield, where we see prospects Domingo Leyba and Juniel Querecuto. This is the first of five consecutive games which will be screened on Fox Sports Arizona (albeit I think today’s is in the shape of the visitor’s feed), so you’ve got no excuse. Well, unless you’re working, like me. Or are shopping. Or taking your cat to the vet for an eye infection. Okay, actually, there are plenty of potential excuses. But you know what I mean.