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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #11: 3/5 @ Royals

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Night flight to Surprise...

San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The first night game of the season for the Diamondbacks, and a long drive from Salt River Fields around the 101 to Surprise for the D-backs. A warning in advance: the recap is going to be late. Mrs. SnakePit and I will instead be watching The House That Jack Built, the latest from Lars Von Trier. It’ll likely be well past 11 pm by the time that ends, and the recap will then follow - providing I’m not too traumatized, at least. Von Trier films tend to be... Well, you don’t forget them in a hurry, even when they suck.

Any Diamondbacks fans watching the game are at potential risk of trauma too, I guess, if Merrill Kelly’s second outing for the team doesn’t go better than the first. In that, Kelly faced five batters, and retired just the one, allowing three hits and a walk, as well as three earned runs. Now, we say Zack Godley have a not dissimilar first start, and then follow that up with a much better second one, so it’s important not to over-react. On the other hand, Godley has a long track record of inconsistency, on which we can lean. Kelly, not so much. He has no history against major-league hitters at all, so seeing an .800 OBP among the first batch to face him is... concerning.

We could certainly do with some good news about our pitching, after the MRI results on Silvino Bracho. This one’s a radio webcast through