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Snake Bytes 3/4: Zack is Back

Zack Godley looked much much better today in his 3 scoreless innings of work.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mariners 7, Diamondbacks 3

A much improved Zack Godley was the important silver-lining in a game, which was lost by Shipley and Bracho who are hoping to have a good spring for roster consideration. But it was a sigh of relief that Godley remembered how to pitch in this game. For the D-backs to get anywhere this season, the pitching staff doesn’t need any gaping holes.

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McFarland to Rest Ailing Throwing Shoulder

Inflammation in his left-arm is keeping him out of the bullpen for now. Lovullo claims the injury is not “terribly serious”. McFarland had a great 2018 and actually a decent 2017 if you exempt his horrendously ill-fated start. Now, we just hope this injury is not serious.

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Bud Black, Zach Davies, and Robbie Ray on Developing Their Curveballs

A FanGraph articles that looks into curveballs. Writers on the ‘Pit have done a great job chronically Ray’s progression as a pitcher based on an improved curveball. Now it’s all about consistency.

Around MLB

Each Team’s Best Ballpark Giveaway for 2019

I hate to admit it, but I usually go out of my way to attend games with giveaways. Some of them are quite decent. Apparently a “Starting Figure” of the great Randy Johnson will be distributed on the May 18th game to commemorate his perfect game. The best part about these giveaways, is the crowds are bigger with a bit more energy.

The Player We Should Talk About More on All 30 Teams

This Shoenfield article claims it should be David Peralta. He might actually have a point. At least the national media might have to acknowledge his existence.

Market Dynamics II: Front Loading En Vogue

A nicely written article on Venom Bites that explores how the new big contracts are more front-loaded now than they were in the past. Pros and cons to that debate.