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Monday Memes: Crimson Chin edition pt 2.

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As predicted Bryce Harper scored a huge contract. Let’s roast him again.

DCfan’s 2nd favorite player and Baseball’s richest.

In case you did not hear the decent news that Bryce Harper had signed the thiccest contact in MLB history I have linked to an article that explains the contract. I say decent because Harper did not sign with a division rival like the Giants or the Dodger evil. I was expecting to find more memes regarding Harper’s contract and the Phillies, but the Well is a bit dry. I hope the Snakepit’s finest meme’rs can help with the roast on this Meme Monday.

The poster with the most rec’d meme will win a slightly rusted, apartment-patio-sized charcoal bbq grill. You know the round one? It even still has some decent coal briquettes inside. Perfect for grilling bar-s hot dogs this spring.

Now my fellow Brutes, destroy the Harper.