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Snake Bytes 3/3: Two of Diamonds

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If Tyler Heineman does not make the roster to entertain me with his sorcery, I’m going to riot.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Arizona Diamondbacks News

[D’] Catcher impresses D-backs camp with magic - Screw three catchers. All we need is this wizard behind the plate.

[AZ Central] Yasmany Tomas delivers go-ahead hit as D-Backs down Dodgers - Yasmany Tomas was the X-factor in a pinch hit appearance against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He swung at the one an only pitch he saw and cleared the bases with a three run double SCORING TYLER HEINEMAN!!! D’backs. World Series. 2019. Lets go.

[Arizona Sports] D-backs’ Zack Greinke skips start vs Dodgers for B-Game start vs Angels - It’s Spring Training, so as always that means avoiding having your best pitchers face division rivals. Even though Zack Greinke used to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they’ve faced him plenty of times over the past three seasons. Strategery. Instead the ace saw action in a B-Game against the Los Angeles Angels.

“Wasn’t great, it was just OK,” Greinke said of his second start of spring training. “In all ways. All pitches were OK. Location was just OK. But I built up all the pitches, got a little tired at the end which is good, and then I feel good for the next outing.”

[D’] Greinke, Bradley get in work on back field - Archie Bradley joined Greinke on said backfield game and reportedly snapped off a curveball for a called strike three. The D’backs have brought Bradley and Yoshihisa Hirano along slowly due to their high usage last season.

“I think they’re really letting us be our own dictators on what we need to do to get ready,” Bradley said. “Where, Opening Day we’re throwing 96, 97, 98 mph and not doing it in early March when it’s not needed.”

[Arizona Sports] D-backs’ Ketel Marte, Jake Lamb transitioning well to new positions - Roster flexibility isn’t a terrible possession over a 162 game season. Is it unfortunate that Jake Lamb has to move across the infield diamond to cover first, and that Ketel Marte has to move to the outfield to fill the hole left by A.J. Pollock’s departure? Certainly. However, they can just as easily be returned to their original positions should the need arise during the season. Having players with the ability to field multiple positions on the roster is an asset when injury eventually strikes.

“As far as what we’re looking for are good angles, good breaks, fearless baseball that he plays on the infield,” said Lovullo in regards to the expectations for Marte. “We feel like that can transition to the outfield. And he’s giving us every indication that there’s a certain degree of comfort that he’s experiencing every single time he goes out there, whether it be in drills or whether it be in games.

Around the League

[Baseball America] Numbers Game: Picking The MLB Team Of The 2010s - This is a bit ridiculous that I’m about to defend a player that isn’t even on the Arizona Diamondbacks roster anymore. That Paul Goldschmidt wasn’t selected by Baseball America as the first baseman on the All-2010’s Team is debatable in my eyes. The candidates to choose from, in my opinion, are Goldy, Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto, Anthony Rizzo, and Freddie Freeman. No surprises there. Now Baseball America did disclose that when selecting between two closely rated players they went with peak value as opposed to total value. Cabrera had a string of 7+ bWAR seasons to begin the decade, a Triple Crown, and back to back MVP Awards, so there is little argument against his peak value. However, since 2012, Goldy’s first full season in the league, no first baseman has been more valuable in terms of wins above average, wins above replacement, or win probability added. For you fans of more traditional counting stats, no first baseman in that group above from 2012 to the present day surpasses Goldy in hits, home runs, runs, RBI, or stolen bases. I’d venture to say that there is a strong possibility the selection at this position changes upon the conclusion of this season.

[ESPN] Rangers’ Farrell struck by liner, fracturing jaw - Luke Farrell, son of John Farrell, fractured his jaw yesterday on a comebacker against the San Francisco Giants. We’ve seen pitchers return to the mound in the past after taking a liner to the head, Archie Bradley, Evan Marshall, and Robbie Ray, and hope for a speedy recovery for the young right hander.

[Yahoo Sports] What should Major League Baseball do to Larry Baer? - I’ve been around here long enough to know that I should probably tread lightly on this subject and not offer my opinion. Nevertheless, I’m interested in seeing what discussion, if any, will be sparked in the comments section following the video footage of a public dispute between San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer and his wife Pam Baer. In the cell phone video, the two are seen in a verbal argument which then leads to a physical struggle over Larry’s cell phone. As the conflict escalates, Pam and her chair end up falling to the floor. The two were obviously embarrassed that their dispute was made public based on their statements on the matter afterwards. Do Larry’s actions warrant disciplinary measures from the MLB? Is this nothing more than a heat of the moment dispute between a married couple? Could Larry have handled the situation better? Argue among yourselves.