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Steven Souza done for the season

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Home-plate claims another victim, and this one will miss an entire year.

MLB: Spring Training-Chicago White Sox at Arizona Diamondbacks The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY N

We were all hoping for, if not good news from Steven Souza’s MRI, at least not utterly terrible news. Perhaps he’d only sprained something in his stumble at home-plate last night, and would miss just a few weeks. However, after the final exhibition game this afternoon at Chase Field, the results were probably worse than any of us could have expected. He will undergo season-ending surgery to repair tears to both the anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments, as well as a partial tear of the posterior cruciate ligament, and a tear of the posterior lateral capsule. That’s pretty close to a full house on the knee ligament Bingo card, if you’re playing along at home. Here’s Torey Lovullo discussing the injury:

This injury will mean that in the two years since the team traded for Souza, he will have missed more tjhan two hundred and fifty games. He was absent for more than half of last season, also opening the season on the disabled list after straining his right pectoral diving for a ball in spring training. He came back in May, but then went back on the DL at the end of the month, and missed all of June. However, this season will be worse still. It looks like Ildemaro Vargas is going to be the immediate replacement on the Opening Day roster, but whether that remains permanent will likely depend on how Ketel Marte handles his (now considerably more important) transition to center field.