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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #33: 3/26 vs. White Sox

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Next time, it counts...

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Can we just perhaps get through today without losing any more players in the Devil’s Pentangle at home plate? While we still await details of what this morning’s MRI showed, it seems almost certain that we will be losing Steven Souza for an extended period of time. Today’s line-up is therefore perhaps a glimpse of what we can expect in his absence: Ketel Marte in center, with Adam Jones in right, and Wilmer Flores taking over from Marte at second-base. I suspect that’s probably going to be a semi-standard alignment, though we will see what happens with regard to a replacement. All the signs indicate that Ildemaro Vargas appears likely to be the man in question.

It’s the final start of the pre-season for Merrill Kelly, who has settled down after a ropey couple of early outings. A K:BB of 10:8 over 15.2 innings is nothing to cheer about, but a 4.60 ERA overall is considerably better than it was, and all his numbers are skewed by those bad first appearances. Never forget: by pretty much all our indications, he’s our #5 starter, and that has to factor into our expectations. I think, anything below about a 4.50 ERA would have to be regarded as a good season, providing he gives us 30+ starts. And with today’s game, spring training comes to an end. The next time we gather round a Gameday Thread, it’ll be the first game of the regular season, and we embark on the long haul. Enjoy this last bit of meaningless baseball!