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Monday Memes: Socramemes Brito.

Manager Torey Lovullo said that it does not look like Scorates Brito will make the team.

No way he clears waivers with a smile like that.

And Jim says: “...and would mean that the team will once again be (sigh) carrying three catchers, Murphy squeaking onto the roster as the 25th man. You’d be hard-pushed to say either Murphy or Brito have had a great spring: Murphy’s OPS is only .595, but that’s still a couple of hundred points better than Brito’s .393. Both men are out of options, but by leaving the decision until so late in proceedings, I imagine the team is hoping that Brito can be snuck through waivers, with other teams having also all but set their rosters”.

This week on Monday Memes post your Socrates Brito memes or memes about 3 catchers. Or, if you are like Suroeste, memes that WIN! This weeks snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win the 12 pack of beer that someone around here owes me since the middle of last season and never paid-up.

Feel free to use these templates.