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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #26: 3/19 vs. Padres

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Night game at Salt River Fields

Team USA v Colorado Rockies Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Outside of the battery, this line-up has the distinct possibility of something not too far removed from the Opening Day line-up next week against the Dodgers. 1B may depend on the recovery of Lamb’s back, which looks likely according to the latest reports - but possibly also who starts for the Dodgers, with Clayton Kershaw now starting the season on the disabled list. This evening also marks the D-backs debut of Adam Jones, playing center - though you’ll understand why the Twitter handle of SimplyAJ10 in that position, triggered more than a small twinge of nostalgia.

It’s interesting to see Matt Andriese getting another start. I’d have thought by this point in the schedule, we’d be down to the five remaining starters, getting their work down in order. However, looking at the remaining schedule, there are only eight pre-season games left, including this one. This is just a guess for now, but I’d presume whoever starts Friday will be our #5, and Saturday against the Giants should see the Opening Day starter, with the rest of the rotation shaking themselves out in order from Sunday through Tuesday. Wednesday’s an off-day and then we begin in earnest. It’s getting close, folks.