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Snake Bytes 3/18: Greinke Close to Ready

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Diamondbacks split the split-squad games.

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Cleveland Indians v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

White Sox 3, Diamondbacks 7

Rangers 7, Diamondbacks 2

We had both Greinke and Ray going on the same day. Greinke almost went 6 innings and got his pitch count up to 85. The old man’s arm hasn’t fallen off and he appears ready to go. Ray did his dominating thing with a high pitch count, he seems to be getting close.

Which is all good, around this point during spring training, I believe most players and fans are ready for some games to count. There will not be a spring training game today, but does that really matter?

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D-backs Not in a Rush to Name Opening Day Starter

It could be Greinke or Ray, but probably Greinke with his contract and good season last year. Also, he feels healthiest he has been in years this spring. The only negative is Zack doesn’t seem to like the pomp of opening day. Robbie Ray could do it.

Diamondbacks Still Sorting Out Opening Day Battery

The opening day catcher is still up in the air as well. If it is Greinke, he will get the catcher he wants, but that certainly does not mean his catcher will be the true “starter”. As the season plays out, we will have a better idea of who catches the most.

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Positional Power Rankings: First Base

Fangraphs has Freddie Freeman of the Braves just ahead of Goldy and the Cardinals. The Diamondbacks are ranked 18th. Why do I feel like crying all the time?