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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #21: 3/14 vs. Giants

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First game of the year against the division rivals by the bay

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Angels at Colorado Rockies Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Weaver gets the start for the D-backs, and hopefully he can continue the solid form he has shown this spring. Though am I the only one who keeps confusing Weaver with Merrill Kelly? Well, not really “confusing”, but I have to pause and figure out which one came from a strange and distant land populated by weird people, and which one came from Korea. :) I guess it’s the “new kid in town” thing: I’m not sure the last time the back of the D-backs’ Opening Day rotation featured a pair of off-season acquisitions like Weaver and Kelly. So far, Weaver has certainly been the more impressive, with six strikeouts and no walks over his 6.1 innings thus far, and an ERA of 2.84.

He has allowed his share of hits (eight), but avoiding the free passes has helped diminish the impact of those. Speaking to Arizona Sports earlier in the week, he said a failure to avoid the big innings was part of the reason why his ERA ballooned last year. “Your blood pressure starts to rise a little bit and the game just speeds up on you, everything just kinda moves so just being able to step off breathe a little bit and realize, ‘OK what’s the execution need to be right here. Do I need a strikeout or a ground ball?’” It’s all part of the process of a thrower becoming a pitcher, and hopefully hanging out with the cerebral likes of Mr. Calm, Zack Greinke, will help Weaver develop.

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