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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #17/18: 3/10 @ Reds/Rockies

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Hands across the border again.

Mexico Training Session Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

As yesterday, two games - one in Arizona this afternoon, one in Mexico this evening - but we’ll have a single gameday thread for both. The afternoon game is on Fox Sports Arizona, and the evening one is... nowhere to be found, at least in America and English. Spanish-speaking readers (or those whose Spanish-speaking wives can occasionally be prevailed upon to do translation duties...) can tune in to the game on Univision Deportes Radio 105.1 FM. I won’t be around for that one, however, since we’re continuing our run of tribute bands with Abba Mania at the Orpheum Theater. Not sure my throat has quite recovered after the X, Blondie and Devo tribute seen on Friday, but that won’t stop me singing along. :)

I sense the D-backs social media account is phoning it in, not even apparently being bothered with line-breaks for the opener. We’ll see if Merrill Kelly can improve on a couple of fairly disastrous starts, which have seen him allow five hits. four walks and five earned runs in just two innings of work. Even worse, cites his average quality of hitters at just 7.5, which is between Double-A and Triple-A. So it’s not even as if it has been major-leaguers slapping him around. Another bad outing this afternoon, and contingency plans for his replacement in the rotation will probably be ramped up to DefCon 3.

Line-up for the night-cap to follow further on in the day. Recap will be late, due to Waterloo-related reasons mentioned above.

Here’s the line-up for the night-cap. though it’s really more of a late afternoon-cap really...