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Snake Bytes 3/10: Mexico Series

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The Arizona Diamondbacks portion of the Mexico Series concludes this afternoon against the Colorado Rockies.

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Cleveland Indians v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

[D’] D-backs enjoy meeting with Mexican fans - Somewhat surprised to learn that the D’backs only had one Mexican born player on the roster for this series, Miguel Aguilar, considering the diversity on their roster. The Mexico Series against the Colorado Rockies this weekend serves as a litmus test should Major League Baseball decide to expand to the country in the future as has been discussed previously.

“I’m very happy to have the invitation to participate in this series in Monterrey,” said Aguilar, who pitched in the city as a visiting player during his years in the Mexican League. “This is my country. I’m so happy to be here.”

[D’] Lovullo, D-backs connect with Monterrey on trip -

“I think baseball is such an incredible game that is seen worldwide, and it bonds communities and it bonds cultures and brings people together in a very special way,” Lovullo said. “For me, baseball in my family, it equaled love. We are here to show people that we are connected to this community through this great game.”

[AZ Central] Luke Weaver wiggles out of jams as Diamondbacks rout Royals - Back in Arizona the remaining portion of the D’backs roster who did not make the trip to Mexico destroyed the Kansas City Royals in innings 6 through 8. At the beginning of the bottom of the 6th, Arizona was trailing 5-to-1, but scored 7 of their 13 total runs that inning en route to victory. 5 of those runs that frame came with 2 outs already in the inning and 2 of them were walked in. The Royals committed 4 errors in the game, so not as if they were doing much to help their cause.

[Arizona Sports] D-backs’ starter Luke Weaver focused on extinguishing ‘big innings’ in 2019 - Luke Weaver took the mound for the D’backs against the Royals and struck out 3 over 3 & 13 innings, but he also allowed 6 hits. Fortunately, he was tagged for only 1 run in this outing.

“I definitely had to work for it,” Weaver said Saturday after his outing. “Obviously the pitch count got up there a little bit, but you have those games you kinda just try to minimize that damage and that was a big part of last year. Sometimes those innings would get away from me.

[The Athletic] ‘That’s what it’s supposed to feel like’: Everything is clicking for Robbie Ray - It’s a long shot, but there is a roadmap for the Arizona Diamondbacks to make the postseason in 2019. It begins with their pitching staff. A healthy Robbie Ray, one more closely resembling his 2017 self than 2018, will go a long way in replacing the production lost by Patrick Corbin’s departure.

“Everybody knows Bob, if he’s as good as he can be, he’s a Cy Young candidate,” [John Ryan] Murphy said. “Every year.”

[AZ Central] Shaped by facial paralysis, Taylor Clarke embracing MLB spotlight with Diamondbacks - I’m always intrigued by these types of stories during Spring Training concerning our upcoming minor leaguers that we otherwise wouldn’t hear of until they reach the majors. Taylor Clarke and his family discuss his facial paralysis on the right side and offer their insights as to how it could have happened. He was 10 pounds at birth and his mother somehow, kudos to you moms out there, *checks article again and clears throat, broke her tailbone during his birth.

“We’re only guessing,” she said, “but maybe the right side of his face was on that bone and it crushed his nerve and broke my bone. There’s really no other reason. There would have to have been some trauma to that seventh nerve for it to not work.”

Around the League

[] CNY native Patrick Corbin, now with Nationals, looks to use change-up more - Plenty has been written about Patrick Corbin’s pitch mix here at the Pit and at Fangraphs. In my opinion, the most significant reason for his success last season was almost completely abandoning the changeup in favor of a slower, looping version of his slider that was classified by some as a curveball. It did wonders for him as his changeup was never really an effective pitch. Maybe working side by side with Max Scherzer, one of the best pitchers in the game, can aide him in throwing the change effectively?

“I always threw it, throw it in all my bullpens, we kind of just didn’t use it too much in games last year,” Corbin said Friday after pitching four innings against the St. Louis Cardinals. “But it was just something today we tried to throw more. I just want to get consistent with that pitch, kind of as another weapon.”

[Forbes] Clayton Kershaw Highly Doubtful To Make Opening Day Start For Los Angeles Dodgers - Here we are heading into the fourth season of Zack Greinke’s contract, and it looks like he’ll be healthy taking the start for Arizona on Opening Day against the Los Angeles Dodgers while Clayton Kershaw watches from the bench. Greinke’s contract has handcuffed the D’backs, but not for reasons we were initially told. His contract is a roadblock to roster construction because of the percentage of payroll it takes up for Arizona. However, he has arguably delivered its value with his performance on the mound during his time here. From 2016 to the conclusion of the 2018 season, Greinke has started 17 more games than Kershaw and pitched 83 more innings, while providing roughly as much value. There is no denying that Kershaw is one of the best when he is on the mound, but that’s just the issue, when he is on the mound. Arizona will likely have their ace ready to go, knock on wood, when the season starts while Los Angeles will not.

“Is that 100% now?” said Greinke, who pitched behind Kershaw very successfully in the Dodgers rotation from 2013-15. “You never know with those guys. He’s special. If he wants to get ready and he’s capable of getting ready he can do it.”

[MLB Trade Rumors] Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Suffers Oblique Strain - Vlad Guerrero Jr. has “suffered an oblique strain” and will probably need a “rehab stint” in the minors to ensure he is ready for the season.