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Snake Bytes 2/25: First Win this Spring

Christian Walker hits a nice home run and Robbie goes 1.1 scoreless.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 12, Indians 3

At least with Robbie Ray, we don’t have to collectively panic if his fastball is 0.4mph slower at this same time three spring trainings ago. With him, it is usually about efficiency and two walks over an inning and a third might be the key stat to overreact to today. Christian Walker got a home run and Yasmany Tomas got a hit. Goldy who?

Marte to Start CF on Monday

I thought Lovullo’s plan was to ease Ketel Marte into CF after playing in the infield for a while. But this makes sense, he needs more practice playing CF than 2B. If anyone goes to the game, please let us know if he misplays any balls so we can overreact accordingly.

Odds Show Bleak Outlook for Diamondbacks

The Vegas numbers are 80-1 to win the World Series and 25-1 to win the NL West. The odds of making the playoffs are 6-1. So if anyone wants to tie up some money with a sportsbook for about 8 months on longshot bets, good luck to you.

Rubby De La Rosa is Nearing Return After Second Tommy John Surgery

I almost forgot about him. I definitely forgot how to spell his name. But good for him.

Tomas Eager to Prove He’s Ready to Return to Majors

It is easy to be cynical about one of these annual Tomas ready to be great stories. He’s got to play 1B and not horrendously. He’s got to hit some HRs. Maybe pinch hitter? It’s not time to party in DC yet.

Around MLB

White Sox Miss on Machado, Sign Santana

Who knows, missing out on paying $300 million might be a good thing.

Goldy Gets Standing Ovation Video

I guess it is nice that Goldy gets to go to a town where he will appreciated to the fullest.