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Snake Bytes 2/21: Spring is in the air.

or is that more rain?

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So far this Spring Training each time I plan to visit SRF and watch workouts the rain comes and changes my plan. Oh well, here is the news.

Diamondbacks News:

Hazen explains decision to trade Goldy after Machado deal.

“Are you one great player from making the World Series? We had Paul Goldschmidt last year, we didn’t make the playoffs...” Hazen said

3 reasons why the Dbacks will be better than you think.

Not sure I subscribe to Shane Dale’s (of abc15) enthusiasm. He goes on to list the reasons as: 1. Strong rotation, 2. Beefy bullpen, 3. Lots o hitting talent.

Dback’s Bobby Freeman inducted into the Cactus League HOF.

The man. The myth. The legend. Mr. Bobby (The real Bobby Freeman) Freeman.

Around the Cactus League:

Cactus league looks to snap 2 year fall in attendance.

I have two pro-tips for the league. Schedule MORE night games, and lower the price of some of these tickets. $43 for a seat at SRF to a game v White Sox is a bit pricey, bro.

Also, if I am going to spend $43 it would be nice if the sun wasn’t all up in my grill the entire game. Sitting in 90 degree heat, eating fried or grilled foods whilst slamming 40’s and heckling extremely loudly, produce the necessary ingredients for a heat stroke.

A.J. Pollock opens 1st spring training with the Dodger evil.


Besides A.J. looking like he his super thrilled, Pollock went on to say this, “There are no hard feelings – at least on my end. The difference was the Dodgers were a team that really, really wanted me....”

Guess what, bro? There are lots of hard feelings. With hard feelings come hard heckles........prepare your feelings, Pollock.

Around MLB:

Baseball’s smooth free agent market.

Now that Machado is paid can we stop talking potential strike?

Off Topic Snake News:

A sneaky snake upstaged A-Rod at Met’s spring training.