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Arizona Diamondbacks SnakePit Awards: Unsung Hero nominations open

The contradictory nature of this award is not lost on me

Paper Face Photo by Al Barry/Three Lions/Getty Images

The structure here will be a little different, because I’m not even going to make any suggestions for who might be nominated. Doing so would be counter to the spirit of this category, which honors the unhonored. So, instead, the nominees will be based entirely off the comments. This is how it is going to work:

  • If you see a player mentioned in the comments you think should be one of the five nominees, you should rec that comment. You can also reply to that comment with your explanation of why they should be a nominee
  • If you do not see a player mentioned in the comments, you think should be one of the five nominees, you should write a new comment with that player’s name ONLY as the subject. You can then explain in the body of the comment your reasons why.
  • If you want to nominate multiple players, please do so - just use one comment for each player, so they can be individually rec’d.
  • Duplicate comments for the same player will be removed.
  • The five comments with the most recs will become the nominees in Wednesday’s ballot.
  • The decision of the SnakePit judging panel i.e. me is final in all matters, and may override the above voting process in an entirely arbitrary manner. Remember, this is not a democracy, this is a Jimtatorship.