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SnakePit Hall of Fame 2020 ballot

Will Derek Jeter become a unanimous entrant?

2009 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees

  • 2015 - Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez
  • 2016 - Ken Griffey Jr.
  • 2017 - Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, John Smoltz
  • 2018 - Chipper Jones, Ivan Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez
  • 2019 - Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, Jim Thome

The rules

We began with the same ballot as the Hall of Fame in 2015, and have proceeded from there on. The same 75% super-majority is required for election, and players are removed from the future ballot on election here, regardless of whether or not they made it into the “real” Hall of Fame. So far, the SnakePit electorate has been in fairly close agreement with the BBWAA, with timing the main difference. This summer saw Edgar Martinez inducted, a year after he entered here, and conversely, last January, we brought in Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman, who were already in Cooperstown.

At this point, Roy Halladay (66.7%) didn’t repeat his first-ballot BBWAA success, and Mike Mussina (59.3%) also fell short in the 2019 SnakePit voting, so both are still on our ballot. This year’s list has been adjusted accordingly for them, along with adding the other new arrivals, led by “Mr November” [please take the derisive snort as read], Derek Jeter. We also removed Fred McGriff, having reached his 10th year of eligibility, and anyone who didn’t reach 5% on our ballot, even if they didn’t reach that threshold with the BBWAA - Lance Berkman, for example, proved considerably more popular here, with over 20% approval, so gets to try again this year!

To prevent potential ballot-box stuffing, voting is open only to registered AZ SnakePit users - forms without a valid username filled in will be rejected [however, since you can join by clicking on a link and filling in a form, it’s not exactly an onerous requirement!]. I reserve the right to publish your ballot, with or without your name attached, depending on how amusing it is. However, feel free to announce your ballot and explain it in the comments. You can select as many candidates as you want: there’s no “10 maximum” as on the real thing. Voting is open through Jan 20: the BBWAA will announce their results the following day, and we’ll follow suit shortly thereafter.

The form is below, and the eligible names are randomized for each submission: here’s a link if you’re on mobile or are otherwise finding the form griefsome.