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Our TopGolf Experience at Chase Field

Turambar and edbigghead swing the clubs from section 214

Even a Brute can find comfort in the quiet game of golf.

What an amazing experience it was!

After going though security we were escorted by D-backs staff up to the Diamond level where we were given a tour of our bay, briefed on what to expect, given our time slot to swing and told that some players would be available for questions around 6:30 pm.

We had arrived around 6 so Turambar and I decided to take pics, talk to a TopGolf rep, and have a beer....or two. We also bought a ball from Make A Wish after much discussion I was able to pick a ball from the bottom-center of the pyramid.

Oh look, it’s Robbie Ray!

In all there were approximately 20 bays spanning across 4 sections in the Diamond level. Scaffolding-like platforms were placed over the seats and steps leaving a flat surface for golfers to take their swings from. Each bay had it’s own pub table and a red-line on the floor indicated you were in danger of catching a back swing to to the dome. A separate yellow line marked near the front of the floor indicated you would fall several feet onto the seats below, so you better tone your swing down. No one was hurt or even hit, and that surprised me a bit because at times the platform we were on was so packed with media for Archie Bradley, it could have gotten ugly. But the Diamondbacks staff and TopGolf staff held things together, kept everyone where they needed to be and overall ran an impressively smooth operation in my opinion.

Nice and neat field, before the balls came raining down.
Your platform, my Lord.
More platform: The re-birth pt 2.

We did manage to get a few questions in to Archie Bradley and Carson Kelly. For those, please listen to the 2-3min audio clips below.

Carson Kelly

Archie Bradley

Bradley was all in for Howie Kendrick this post-season, and also named Goldy and Daniel Hudson as players he was rooting for. I asked Bradley if he felt the team should go after Huddy this off-season and he agreed. When we had a chance to speak with Carson Kelly, he was more serious than I expected and his eyes were so focused, like a hawk....a hawk that can pierce your soul with one look. I do not think he blinked at all either. Kelly explained that he is a general fan of baseball, enjoyed the post season but was not rooting for anyone in particular. Asked if he was excited to get the majority of catching time in 2020, and the answer was an obvious YES. Carson went on to explain how he has been golfing since he was 5 years old.

The beard. He treated us very well and answered our questions.
C-Kelly has played golf since he was a small child.

Before we took to the clubs Turambar and I ate some delicious and FREE food, mostly BBQ sliders and cheese squares. The bar was open as well, so we were sure to tip handsomely.

TopGolf Live will be at Chase Field from December 13th through the 15th, after which it leaves for another location on a currently running Stadium Tour.

As someone who has never swung a golf club I knew I was in for a treat and made sure I went 1st when we finally had our time in Bay #7. Everything hooked to the left. Some quick advice from seasoned-golfer Turambar turned things around for me and he was able to line up my shots. It really is ‘allllll in the hips’. Now Turambar’s novice advise was nothing compared to a professional golfer/TopGolf instructor’s keen knowledge of the sport. She showed me how to swing more effectively, how to move my arms and elbows and where my feet needed to be in relation to my club. Before you know it I was dropping balls on the Lexus bubble in shallow right field. We were allotted 1 hour to swing but taking that many hacks really wears a guy down, so after about 45 mins we decided we needed a break. We were supposed to share Bay 7 and our hour, with 3 staff members from azfamily but they never showed.

Full power.
Out there. Past them treeeees.

We did take a few swings in the TopGolf simulation exhibit. That was pretty fun actually but then I became distracted as Carson Kelly and Kevin Cron walked by and into their Bay for their time slot to swing. I dropped my club at the simulator and took off past the bar and into the section Cron had walked into. To my surprise Josh Rojas was also in the same bay as Cron and CKelly. Rojas said he remembered me from an interview last season so we began to talk. I was able to ask him how excited he is for 2020 and man did his eyes light up. “We are going to be good” he exclaimed, “really really good!” I was also able to ask him if he was rooting for any individual player this past post-season. “Astros, and Greinke....I came to AZ in that trade and really wanted Greinke to win game 7.” Asked if he felt Greinke was pulled too soon, “Yes, he could have finished that game.”

Simulation, complete.
Rojas and Bradley

Overall our experience was awesome and I definitely want to do it again, especially at Chase Field. The roof was open, the lights were dim, and the music was pumping! Magical. As mentioned before I have never golfed - aside from goofy golf, and now I have an urge to spend more time at TopGolf this off-season. Everyone with TopGolf was welcoming, catered to our abilities, and were just happy-fun people to spend an evening with. The Arizona Diamondbacks have a winner this weekend with TopGolf at Chase Field. I encourage you to check it out.

Click the link for information on tickets, VIP packages and MORE!

Enjoy more pictures as well.

Cron and Lamb
Bill is from NY and loves Baseball. He was great company.
Your range, my lord.
The boys are back in town.