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Arizona Diamondbacks quiet in Rule 5 draft

Nothing gained and nothing lost for the D-backs today

Dalmatian puppies. Photo by Peter Thompson/Heritage Images/Getty Images

A total of 53 players were selected over the Major League and Triple-A phases of today’s Rule 5 draft in San Diego, 11 in the major-league section and 42 in the AAA part. But, despite having room on the 40-man roster, Arizona did not use a pick in either. However, nor did they have any of their unprotected players chosen by any other team. They were quite a way down the draft order, selecting 18th, which does probably mean the chances of finding a diamond were slim. Bear in mind that, in the major-league phase, a player selected will typically be quite a low prospect, and they have to stick on the selecting team’s 25-man roster for the entire season. I note that none of the team after Arizona picked anyone either.

Probably unsurprising that the Baltimore Orioles, intent on tanking with an enthusiasm which borders on the scary, chose not just one but two players in the major-league section. If there’s any team where a player with no experience above AA, such as their first pick Brandon Bailey, might have a chance to stay on the roster, it’s probably the 2020 Orioles. They seem on pace to surpass last season’s tally of 108 losses. The Astros were hit especially hard, with three of the eleven players chosen coming from the Houston system. However, odds are good that most of them will end up not sticking with their new teams, and will be offered back to the Astros.