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Snake Bytes 12/10: Counting Stacks

Suppose we have our answer on the activity level in rather dramatic fashion.

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Washington Nationals Victory Parade Photo by Chaz Niell/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

[D’] After Guerra addition, D-backs focus on OF - Small moves have already been made, adding Stephen Vogt via free agency prior to the Winter Meetings and Junior Guerra at the start of them, but plenty of heavy lifting still remains. Robbie Ray is rumored to be on the trade block again, but that would require the D’backs to swing a subsequent move for additional starting pitching.

“We’ll probably be very mindful if we traded from our starting pitching depth,” Hazen said. “I’ll put it that way. At this point, if we made a trade, I would imagine we would be adding back in some way, somehow, underneath that. I still think we have a decent amount of depth, but we would start to get a little thinner if we choose to [trade a starter]. We’ll still be opportunistic there, but I would imagine if we made a trade at this point, we’d be addressing the starting pitching some other way.”

[Arizona Sports] D-backs reportedly checked in on free agent SP Madison Bumgarner - Imagine a world with Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig on the same team. And that team is the... Arizona Diamondbacks? Hard pass on both considering that Bumgarner is on the hunt for a nine figure contract.

[AZ Central] Jackie Bradley Jr. trade speculation with Red Sox includes Diamondbacks, Cubs, Mets - It seems that Mike Hazen would like to keep Ketel Marte at second base as often as possible, which means that he should be shopping for at least two additional outfielders this offseason. One of those may very well come in the form of a trade. Starling Marte could be one target, but a cheaper avenue might result in Mike once again dipping into the familiar Red Sox well and go fishing for Jackie Bradley Jr.

[] Chief Legal Officer Nona Lee Hit a Home Run With Arizona Diamondbacks - Not at all related to the winter meetings, but interesting for me to include nonetheless. Dealing with attorneys all day every day its refreshing to hear from one that isn’t a... well we won’t go there. I hadn’t the slightest clue who was even on the D’backs legal staff prior to reading this interview.

Around the League

[CBS Sports] Stephen Strasburg re-signs with Nationals for record-breaking $245 million deal - A couple quick thoughts from me. I’m honestly somewhat shocked at the value of Strasburg’s free agent contract. It makes Zack Greinke’s deal with the D’backs look like a relative bargain. I also don’t see any way that the Washington Nationals are able to also retain Anthony Rendon, but there have already been plenty of surprises in a short amount of time. Also, what I wouldn’t do for just a million... sigh.

[MLB Trade Rumors] Brewers Reportedly Interested In Didi Gregorius - One of the more intriguing free agents on the market, in my opinion, is Didi Gregorius. He seems to have no shortage of interested teams, but he might opt for a higher guaranteed salary in a single year dear in an attempt to rebuild his value after a down year.

[Polygon] Sony’s MLB The Show baseball series is going multiplatform - Fans of the largely successful MLB The Show series will be able to play the game on platforms other than just the PlayStation relatively soon. A no brainer if you’re trying to make as much money as possible.