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Diamondbacks Make Uniform Tweaks

To usher in a new decade, the Diamondbacks have made minor adjustments to their uniforms

via @dbacks on twitter

This morning the Diamondbacks announced some uniform tweaks.

Gone are the snakeskin gradients that caused so much consternation back in late 2015, a simpler time for all. The road gray is a more standard-to-the-rest-of-MLB shade of gray. Most of the other variants are in place, sans gradient. There was no teal away uniform, which makes me think that is gone forever. No big changes were made to the overall scheme that has been in place since the 2016 season.

You also might notice that uniforms have Nike swooshes on them, as they are now supplying uniforms for Major League Baseball starting next year. The Diamondbacks may not be the only team changing uniforms. It was leaked last week that the Brewers would be changing their logo. The Padres twitter avatar is also distinctly brown and yellow. This would be congruent with when Nike took over production of NBA uniforms a few years ago, a lot of teams made minor to wholesale changes to their uniforms and we may be seeing the start of that in Major League Baseball.


What do you think of the uniform tweaks?

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