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Snake Bytes 11/14: A Smorgasbord of News

A stadium wish list, Cy Young award winners, and some dirty-cheating bastards all wrapped up into today’s Snake Bytes.

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Diamondbacks News:

Report: Diamondbacks have a wish list for a new ballpark.

It comes as no surprise that any Major League team would have a write up of desired features, amenities and other needs ready to hand off to a City that is wooing a professional team. In the Diamondbacks case that write up is 67 pages that include team wishes like: “ want(ing) connectivity to public transportation, along with cost-sharing on ballpark repairs, full control over naming-rights revenue, control over booking and revenues from the ballpark and concert venue, and possible control over development and operation of the retail area–splitting revenues there with a public partner.”

Diamondbacks Original (O.G.): Junior Noboa an integral part of the club’s Latino presence.

From the article: As Director of Latin American Operations, Noboa helped the team sign well-known players such as Vladimir Nuñez (Cuba), Jose Valverde (Dominican Republic), Vicente Padilla (Nicaragua), Erubiel Durazo, Oscar Villarreal and Jorge De La Rosa (Mexico), Carlos Gonzalez — the one many have come to know as ‘CarGo’ — Gerardo Parra, Miguel Montero and Ender Inciarte (Venezuela) to Diamondbacks contracts.

“After D-backs, no mas.” he said. “I really feel like that’s my family.”

Derrick Hall inducted into Arizona Sport’s Hall of Fame.

“It’s not about me,” Hall said during his induction speech. “It’s an honor, and a recognition of our staff. They are the greatest in sports. They’re why I’m up here tonight. They always say, if you surround yourself with the smartest people, you’re going to look better. That’s all this is. This is an award for the entire organization, the entire Arizona Diamondbacks staff.”

The Ducey had this to say: “Derrick makes certain everyone knows that this team gives back, that these players are approachable, and that is something that I think is special and unique about Derrick Hall and the Arizona Diamondbacks,” Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said. “Derrick is someone who is uniquely Arizonan. Like so many of us, he was born somewhere else, but he represents the state in every venture.”

Japanese center fielder Shogo Akiyama could be a fit for the Diamondbacks.

“We think he’s a good player,” Hazen told reporters. “… We’re in the outfield market, the center-field market, specifically. We’re in the entire market.”

“Akiyama is an everyday big league center fielder for me,” said a high-ranking scout with a National League club, a veteran scout who had the highest opinion of Akiyama among those polled. “If he’s not a plus defender in center field, he’s at least average. And I think he’s going to hit maybe .280 with 15 to 20 home runs.”

Diamondbacks arbitration class could leave holes to fill.

“Having some eye to 2021 is part of what we’re calculating now,” Hazen said. “Those decisions at the sole expense of 2020? No.”

“We’re staying engaged in the entire market, regardless of what our priorities are at the start,” Hazen said. “We work through the entire market regardless of where we think we’re going to end up. Making a move without Plan B, if you need Plan B, to me is kind of dumb. I try to avoid that.”

Around Baseball:

Former Astros pitcher says team electronically stole signs in 2017.

Mike Fiers and anonymous sources told The Athletic that Houston, which won the 2017 World Series, had used a camera and a trash can to steal signs and convey the information to batters.


Yu Darvish receives apologies after Houston Astros cheating allegations surface.

Cheating helps make Astros the new EVIL empire.

It’s hard to imagine the Astros in this new (dark) light. The Brute Squad rooted for Houston against true evil in 2017, the Dodgers. With these new cheating allegations one does have to feel that the Astros as massive dicks and deserved to be punished somehow, someway. Had it been revealed that the Dodgers have/are cheating there would be a large reaction from NL West team fans, and probably the NL all together. Are the Astros the new evil empire? Not even close, but they are not worthy of cheer or support from the Brute Squad any longer.


The evilest team in MLB ?

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  • 69%
    Dodger evil, no question.
    (99 votes)
  • 17%
    Yankees, the original evil empire.
    (25 votes)
  • 12%
    Astros, using new technology coupled with whistling to cheat is pure evil.
    (18 votes)
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MLB Cy Young Award 2019: AL and NL Winners, voting results and reactions.

Verlander AL and deGrom NL. This is the 2nd season in a row that deGrom has taken the top pitching prize. Verlander also now has two Cy Young awards, with his 1st being won in 2011. Verlander just barely edged out Cole who is still salty from WS Game 7 probably.

Here are the Manager of the Year vote totals.

Torey Lovullo placed 6th overall in NL Manager of the Year voting. Dave Roberts of Dodger evil placed 4th. I think both Torey and Dave had issues with how they managed their bullpen and in all fairness are probably equally just as good in managing baseball teams. I would not want Roberts to manage the D-backs however, all of that squinting and looking confused is not a confidence builder in my book.

Off Topic Snake Byte:

Lil Pump bitten by snake on music video set.

Rapper Lil Pump says he “can’t f— w no snakes,” after being attacked by a serpent on the set of a music video.

Exactly, bro. Maybe think about not f-ing with music either?